Recovery Measures and Consumer-Clinician Partnerships: Establishing a Data Culture at the WellPower

Seigneur, F., Linderman, J., & Frankel, P. (October 2012). Minneapolis, MN.

This poster describes a training initiative created by the WellPower (WellPower) to educate our employees about the utilization of our proprietary Recovery Outcomes Instruments and Recovery Dashboard. The Quality Improvement Team conducted trainings to address: (1) the low response rates of our consumers; and, (2) the lack of understanding by clinicians about the recovery instruments and tools. Over the first quarter of 2011, 12 Recovery Measures Trainings were conducted with 370 WellPower staff. Our findings show a 23% sustained improvement in the amount of consumer participation in the recovery measures, and a 58% reduction in consumers’ deciding to decline participation in completing the recovery instruments (i.e., Consumers are more engaged in the process), by comparing six months before trainings to one year after trainings. This poster serves as an illustration of the successful application of a specialized training used by a mental health organization to implement a data informed culture using recovery-based instruments. Our research further underscores the importance of promoting consumer participation in the long-term recovery process.

This poster received 1st place at the 26th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association in Minneapolis, MN October 23rd-27th, 2012.

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Resource Topics: Quality & Process Improvement Keywords: Recovery Outcomes, Consumer Recovery Measure, Recovery Marker Index