Owning Up and Reaching Out: How Imesia Found Success

Imesia achieved her biggest goals – to live a sober life and find full-time employment

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What does it take to turn your life around? Imesia knows that struggle firsthand.

Terrifying choices lead to beautiful outcomes

In 2019, Imesia was struggling with substance use, anger management and facing two assault charges. She was scared, unsure about how to handle her life moving forward.

Rather than run from her record with the justice system, Imesia turned herself in. For her, it was better to own up to the consequences of her actions than try to avoid them.

“I never expected to be handed the biggest blessing of them all,” said Imesia. “I deserved prison time – I know I did. The courts decided not to send me to jail, but instead to just put me on probation. Do you have any idea what kind of relief I felt? It was amazing. And it helped get me on the path to where I am now.”

While celebrating the lightened sentencing, Imesia also recognized that she was dealing with mental health challenges, like depression, and that she needed help. She decided to reach out to WellPower.

Healing isn’t easy, but it’s worth every moment

Imesia began services with WellPower in September 2021, talking to a therapist about her depression. With help from her treatment team, she began taking medication to address her moods and sleep difficulties. She started taking classes to help with her substance use disorder. She also began shifting her perspective about her own accountability and reactivity, learning to take ownership of her emotions and actions.

In February 2022, Imesia started working with 2Succeed’s Employment program. Jasmine Breeden, Imesia’s vocational counselor, said, “I have really enjoyed working with Imesia and seeing her inherent perseverance and intrinsic motivation. When we began working together, Imesia was juggling the Cross Purpose program, probation requirements, behavioral health treatment, and trying to get a job to take care of regular living expenses. 

“I’ve been so impressed with how far Imesia has come despite all of the obstacles she’s managed. She had to balance competing priorities for months, and I’m so proud of her.”

In October, Imesia graduated from the Cross Purpose program, a career coaching program that provides training, community support and resources to help trainees find employment. She also found a full-time job as a peer navigator in the behavioral health field and continues to give back to her community.

Imesia works with a WellPower employee in the 2Succeed computer lab

The future looks bright

For the first time in decades, Imesia is optimistic about her future. “I was already mentally prepared to be busy and go hard with everything I wanted to do going forward,” she said. “Now, I have the tools, the support and the people around me to make that dream possible.”

More than anything, Imesia is proud of herself. She’s kept her sobriety, accomplished her goals and become a role model for finding purpose and leading by example in her family. She’s also grateful for the support she continues to receive from her team at WellPower.

“Even when I was unsure, I’m so glad I reached out for help,” said Imesia. “I think anyone struggling should ask for help. It can be the key difference in addressing the issues you may be having, and it can be the thing that pushes you to find the life you want. It’s scary, that’s for sure, but you can get through it.”