Housing Services

Housing Services

About Housing Services

Having an affordable home to live in is one of the most important factors in both physical and mental recovery and well-being.

Committed to Housing for All


At WellPower, we understand it can be difficult to get well -- to sustain a sense of personal dignity and belonging in the community -- without the stability of a home. That is why the provision of affordable and supported housing is such a vital part of our mission of enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and well-being.

Housing is one part of the array of services we offer to the people we serve. We operate 12 residential treatment houses and nine apartment buildings. We also partner with city, state and federal agencies to help more than 1,000 households find housing that meets their needs and expectations through voucher programs. Our housing services are offered with a comprehensive array of clinical and supportive services to meet the individual needs of the people we serve, including: psychiatry, financial coaching and support, employment assistance, medical care, substance use counseling, acquisition of public benefits, support for family life and engagement with activities of daily living.

Our Process

Step 1: Access Services

The housing we provide is just one piece of the wide range of services offered to people getting treatment with WellPower. Like any of our clinical services, a person must have a care team with us to access housing through WellPower.

To access services, call (303) 504-7900.

Step 2: Talk to Your Care Team

If you are already in services with us and you need housing, talk to your case manager or clinician. Our clinical staff can connect you with information about our residential programs and walk you through the process to apply for temporary or permanent supportive housing with us.

Types of Housing We Offer to People We Serve

Residential Facilities

An essential step in achieving recovery and well-being is having a safe place to call home. Our residential treatment program is dedicated to helping residents gain the skills they need to live in the housing situation of their choice.

We offer 12 licensed assisted living residences designed to promote recovery for those with mental illness and substance use issues in the Denver area. Our programs teach life skills, provide group treatment and vary in length ranging from four to 90 days, with longer stays possible depending upon individual need. The amount of staff support and level of service provided is unique to each facility.

Congregate Apartments

We have nine apartment buildings which give some of our program participants the opportunity to live independently as part of the wider community—often for the first time in their lives. Each building has an on-site manager to support providing enhanced support to residents in their independent living experiences.

Permanent Supportive Housing – Sanderson Apartments

Permanent supportive housing allows residents to live independently, while getting the treatment they need to get better and transform their lives.

Our permanent supportive housing facilities are designed to provide a safe, open and inviting environment that minimizes the effects of trauma, avoids any sense of confinement and ensures residents feel safe. The space is open and airy with as few walls as possible and clear sight lines throughout, making residents feel secure and safe while appearing ‘barrier-free.’

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