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Residential Careers

About Residential Careers

We focus on the strengths of our employees, people we serve and community partners.

Committed to Housing for All

At WellPower, we understand that it is difficult to get well – to sustain a sense of personal dignity and belonging in the community – without the stability of a home. That is why the provision of affordable and supported housing is such a vital part of our mission of enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and well-being.


Residential Facilities

We operate 14 residential treatment houses and nine apartment buildings. We also participate with city, state and federal agencies to help more than 600 households find housing that meets their needs and expectations through voucher programs. And we offer these homes in conjunction with a comprehensive array of clinical and supportive services to meet the individual needs of the people we serve, including: psychiatry, financial coaching and support, employment assistance, medical care, substance use counseling, acquisition of public benefits, support for family life and engagement with activities of daily living.