Adult Recovery Services

Adult Recovery Services

About Adult Recovery Services

At WellPower, we believe that recovery and well-being are possible for everyone. Each person comes to us with a unique set of treatment needs, goals and challenges, and our Adult Recovery Services are committed to providing those served with the right treatment at the right time.

About Our Services

Using our nationally-recognized Recovery Needs Levels Instrument, we match people with the treatment that best meets their needs.

Psychiatric Services

Some people may only need quarterly visits with their psychiatrist to review and renew their medications.

Outpatient  Services

Others, are seen as outpatients and regularly attend group and/or individual therapy sessions in addition to psychiatric treatment.

Enhanced Outpatient

Some receive therapy services but still benefit from assistance with housing, employment or other services in the community.

Intensive Case Management

Our community treatment teams assist those who’ve just begun their road to recovery and wellness, and still need assistance with housing and access to community resources.

High Intensity Treatment

Our highest level of service is for those who have recently been homeless, hospitalized, or may have criminal justice system involvement and or substance use issues.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are having an emergency and need immediate assistance, call 911.

To schedule a first time appointment at WellPower for yourself, your child or a loved one, please contact our Access Center by calling (303) 504-7900.

If you need someone to talk to and don't know where to start, call Colorado Crisis Services at (844) 493-TALK (8255).

To be seen immediately, visit a Colorado Crisis Services Walk-In Center. Colorado Crisis Services operates 5 walk-in crisis centers across Denver. These centers are open 24/7, and offer confidential, in-person crisis support, information and referrals to anyone in need. Click here for more information.

Our primary location is:

The Recovery Center
4455 E 12th Ave
Denver, CO 80220

For a list of WellPower locations, click here.


The Recovery Center

The Recovery Center is dedicated to mental and physical healing, enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and recovery. Our state-of-the-art facility expands access to services and streamlines the way services are delivered. We provide a full spectrum of care for the people we serve, including primary care, medication management, pharmacy services and more, in addition to our mental health and well-being services.


Wellshire Behavioral Services

Wellshire Behavioral Services provides mental health therapy and psychiatric medications for children and adults. People who receive these services are able to find hope, confidence and the ability to manage their lives, relationships, stressors and careers more effectively.



For your convenience, we offer pharmacy locations at Wellshire Behavioral Services and The Recovery Center. Medication can be picked up right after a session or anytime during our business hours.


Living and Learning with HIV

Knowing that good mental health can have a positive impact and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV, we offer a full range of mental health services through the Living and Learning with HIV Program.

We Support You

WellPower is committed to ending racism, discrimination & bias and ensuring equity for all. Our conversations must lead to meaningful action.

We know we can always propel change and we need to continue these conversations. Meaningful change begins with allowing your voice and experiences to be heard. Please reach out to the Advocate Office to share with us what we are doing well and what we can improve to ensure equity for all.

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Are you in services with us and want to join a group?

If you have any questions about where to begin, please reach out to (303) 504-7700. If you are in services with us, you may also contact your Case Manager or Therapist to get started.

Access Our Services

To schedule a first-time appointment for yourself or your child, contact our Access Center by calling (303) 504-7900.


The Recovery Center, 4455 E 12th Ave Denver, CO 80220