Colorado Daylight Partnership

Colorado Daylight Partnership

About Colorado Daylight Partnership

Advancing access to behavioral healthcare services for deaf and hard of hearing Coloradans. Led by WellPower and the Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Colorado Daylight Partnership assists local community health centers throughout Colorado in enhancing the services they offer to their deaf and hard of hearing clients.


Our Approach

The Colorado Daylight Partnership has successfully employed a strategic systems approach to create statewide accessible behavioral healthcare to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. We promote best practices by taking a multi-level systems approach to:

Accessible Services

Provide accessible and appropriate services to deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

Telebehavioral Health

Partner through telebehavioral health to create a shared services model with other providers statewide.

Service Delivery

Develop service delivery strategies that minimize cost while improving outcomes.

Hearing Assistive Technology

Use technology for communication access.

Colorado Daylight Partnership's Integrated Care Initiative

Colorado Daylight Partnership has established an integrated care initiative, partnering with Caritas Clinic under Saint Joseph - SCL Health System in Denver, Colorado for primary care services towards DHHDB adults. Referrals to ASL fluent mental health services can be available through WellPower.

Caritas Clinic currently provides a wide array of accommodation services that include:

  • ASL staff interpreters
  • Deaf Health Navigator
  • Assistive listening technology devices
  • Medical staff are trained on how to deliver services to the DHHDB community.

Address: 1960 N Ogden Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80218

Watch this video to see a model appointment and learn more about the program through testimonials from members of the Colorado Daylight Partnership:

Schedule your appointment: (303) 318-1540 (or if you are a current SCL patient, schedule through your MyChart account). Please note: If you need an ASL interpreter at your appointment, please indicate so when scheduling.

For further information on the Integrated Care Initiative, we invite you to contact us:

Focus on Consumer Choice


We promote consumer choice around communication preferences, which include:

  • Direct services in person or using telebehavioral health with ASL proficient provider
  • Seeing a non-signing provider using a qualified sign language interpreter
  • And/or providing hearing assistive technology. We have distributed hearing assistive equipment and ADA kits to Learning Collaborative agencies

Partnering Across Colorado

Last year, Colorado Daylight Partnership provided training and technical assistance to eight behavioral health organizations throughout Colorado.

Standards of Care

The Colorado Daylight Partnership Standards of Care are intended to guide the delivery of mental health and substance abuse services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  Below you will find three documents which address a wide range of issues, including administrative procedures, record keeping, communication access, and clinical practices. 

Telebehavioral Health Protocols

The Telebehavioral Health Protocols were developed to support the Daylight Partnership's telebehavioral health network of providers. The protocols were carefully researched to ensure alignment with best practices nationally.