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Rehabilitation Services Careers

About Rehabilitation Services Careers

Our work and education training programs are designed to provide the people we serve in our community with the education and employment they need to lead successful, empowered lives.

Candice's Story

Meet Candice Vigil, an employee who works with our NextChapter in Employment & Education program.


NextChapter in Employment & Education

NextChapter in Employment teaches recovering people professional skills, provides career assessments, and matches Denver area businesses with productive and motivated employees.

NextChapter in Education is a psychiatric rehabilitation and supported education program that supports individuals in their recovery and promotes well-being. Our program acts a bridge to the greater community, offering opportunities for individuals to participate in educational and wellness pursuits.

Vocational Trainee Experiences

WellPower's Vocational Trainee program provides experience to individuals who have a mental illness and who wish to learn a job or vocation. The goal of the program is to help individuals obtain work related skills and experiences that will lead to regular employment in the communities where they live.

If selected, each program provide 6-9 months of learning experiences meant to support finding regular employment. The WellPower Vocational Trainee Program offers several short term learning tracks in the following fields:

  • Customer Service
  • Driver/Mover
  • Warehouse Services
WellPower NextChapter on Friday, June 28, 2019 in Denver. (Chris Schneider)