Consultation Services

Consultation Services

About Consultation Services

Solutions for Healthcare Leaders

Stay competitive in a value-based healthcare environment with our expert peer consultation that is tailored to meet your needs. Request a speaker, participate in a training or visit us in Denver to embrace the key aspects of well-being. 

WellPower is the national leader in behavioral health care by delivering innovative and
evidence-based services guided by the principles of well-being.

Our Services

Peer-Provided Services

Gain guidance and perspective from professionals who have already faced and overcome similar challenges. Our subject matter experts are unique in that they are your peers, working alongside you. 

Tailored to Your Needs

Through the consultation services, you will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to sustain organizational excellence.

Save Time and Money

The solutions provide guidance on workforce engagement, data-driven decision making, strength-based leadership, and operational and clinical excellence.

Learn More About Our Services

Request a Speaker

Speaking requests can consist of webinars, keynote addresses or in-person topic specific trainings.

"Dr. Clark and other speakers were very helpful to us in validating our direction and providing additional ideas that we can implement to strengthen our well-being focus."

-Attendee at the Denver Recovery Summit

Engage in Consultation

Tailored consultation is provided on specific program implementation and leadership support. The length and depth of the support is dependent on your unique needs.

"The absolute openness and accessibility of staff to discuss and share both during our visit and after has been incredibly helpful...I am very glad we undertook the project."

-Linda Goodman, MS, LPC Chief Clinical Officer
Peak Wellness Center

Understand Well-Being Firsthand

Join us in Denver to understand and embrace the key aspects of a system of services focused on well-being.

"It was especially inspiring to know that it took time for your agency's transition, and it gives us hope that we too can come to a place that we are fully living in a wellness environment for both those we serve and for our staff."

-Natalie Armistead, Clinical Supervisor,
Fresno County Dept. of Behavioral Health