Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services

About Child & Family Services

Nurturing Hope, Resilience & Well-Being

WellPower's Child & Family Services assists children and their families by supporting their overall health and well-being. We provide opportunities to learn how to raise happy and healthy children as they grow. We also have specific supports for parents raising foster children and grandparents raising grandchildren.

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Outpatient Services

We offer therapeutic and preventive services for children, youth and their families. We provide evidence-based services designed to meet the needs of each individual and family we serve.

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Early Childhood

We believe childhood mental health is critical to lifelong well-being. We offer a variety of services to support infants and pre-school age children.

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School-Age Services

School-age children face special challenges and our unique services are designed to support their intellectual and emotional progress.


Teen & Young Adult Services

Our programs for teens and young adults are specially designed to address the needs of adolescents in their transition to adulthood.

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Parents & Caregivers

We offer individual therapy to parents, grandparents, guardians and primary caregivers of children who are using our services.

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Specialized Services

Our specialized services are designed to ensure the entire Denver community has access to appropriate treatment and care.

We Support You

WellPower is committed to ending racism, discrimination & bias and ensuring equity for all. Our conversations must lead to meaningful action. Click here to see ongoing efforts in this area.

We know we can always propel change and we need to continue these conversations. Meaningful change begins with allowing your voice and experiences to be heard. Please reach out to the Advocate Office to share with us what we are doing well and what we can improve to ensure equity for all.

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Access Our Services

To schedule a first-time appointment for yourself or your child, contact our Access Center by calling (303) 504-7900 or fill out the form below.


Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being 3401 Eudora St., Denver, CO 80207

Federal Office 1405 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80204

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