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About Early Childhood

We believe childhood mental health is critical to lifelong well-being. We offer a variety of services to support infants and pre-school age children.

PLAY Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program


This program supports the healthy social and emotional development of children, including the ability to form strong relationships, solve problems, and express and manage emotions.

We provide consultation services to childcare programs when care providers or parents have concerns about particular children (ages birth to 5 years) or classroom groups.

The PLAY Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program offers the following services:

  • Strategies and support planning that ensure children receive consistent and responsive care
  • Information and ideas that help caregivers understand challenging behavior and trauma in young children
  • On-site support and training for caregivers and childcare professionals to promote social-emotional development and trauma-informed care
  • Reflective conversations that help caregivers identify attitudes, beliefs, practices and conditions that may impact relationships between adults and children
  • Referrals to community services and resources

You might be concerned about a child, or a group of children, within a classroom who:

  • Has difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors in childcare
  • Has a hard time adjusting to changes or is struggling with daily routines
  • Is struggling to make friends and get along with others
  • Experienced the loss of or separation from a caregiver or has difficulty forming secure relationships
  • Feels sad, anxious or angry much of the time

Our services are offered at no cost to families and childcare programs. Thank you to the Piton Foundation for partially funding the PLAY Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program.

Right Start for Infant Mental Health

Right Start for is a mental health program for pregnant women and families with children ages birth to 5 years. We provide help when there are concerns about a child’s emotions, behavior or development, or when parenting becomes difficult.

We are also able to provide services in the home or community when a higher level of care (such as more frequent or longer sessions) is needed, or when there are barriers preventing attendance in the office.

Right Start for Colorado

Right Start for Colorado is an Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health initiative partially funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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