School Age

School Age Services

About School Age Services

School-age children face special challenges and our unique services are designed to support their intellectual and emotional progress.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services


Our Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services team provides specialized outpatient mental health care for Deaf and hard of hearing children, families and adults in the Denver area.

El Centro de las Familias

El Centro de las Familias is a multicultural clinic providing bilingual (Spanish and English) mental health services to adults, youth, children and families from the Latino/a/x, Chicano/a/x and Hispanic community.

In-Home Therapy Services

Our In-Home Therapy Services offers therapeutic services to children and their families who are experiencing a high level of mental health symptoms. Our program considers the role of the family system when working with children and adolescents. Caregivers' participation is essential to success in our program.

Our Services

  • Our services are family-focused, considering the impacts of attachment and trauma.
  • Our services are provided for three hours per week and are considered short-term, only lasting six months to a year.
  • Services offered include individual therapy, family therapy, parent meetings and collateral meetings.
  • Psychiatry services and case management services are available to families.
  • Some sessions may occur in the child’s school and/or during school hours.

Outpatient Services

Our Child & Family Outpatient Services offer therapeutic and preventive services for children, youth and their families. We provide evidence-based services designed to meet the needs of each individual and family we serve in order to promote their health and well-being.

School-Based Services

Our School-Based Services have on-site mental health therapists in several Denver Public Schools providing intervention and treatment to support positive social and emotional development.

These services are confidential and available free to all students. We encourage parental involvement, and school personnel must notify parents of youth under 15 years old prior to treatment.

Please contact your child’s school for information on the referral process.

Our Services

  • Assessments and evaluations to identify specific problems, strengths and resources
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Case management and crisis intervention

Skyline Academy

Skyline Academy is a day treatment program which provides mental health treatment and educational services to children whose emotional or behavioral disorders interfere with their ability to be successful in a traditional public school setting.

Our research-based treatment models emphasize character development, social skills, and appropriate ways to express feelings.

In addition to educational services we offer:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy and parenting support
  • Medication appointments

Access Our Services

To schedule a first-time appointment for yourself, your child or a loved one, contact our Access Center by calling (303) 504-7900.

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