25 Years | 25 Stories – Venus

Venus, Consumer

I was living in Denver with no family or friends; I was getting into trouble with drinking and substance abuse.  A friend recommended that I go to the WellPower.  Getting support and help wasn’t something I was used to but I knew my soul was hurting and I had a lot of healing to do.   I worked with a doctor, case manager and NextChapter.  The staff members at the WellPower made me feel hopeful for the first time in my life.  I’m incredibly grateful to them.

I started to learn new skills, went to 12 step meetings and gained knowledge and insight and met new friends.  At NextChapter, I was able to get lunch, go on activities, take computer classes and get help finding a job.  Having a job gives me something to do with my life every day.  I have compassion and love working as a mail clerk.  I have been employed for three years with the WellPower and I have great bosses!  I got my mom’s work ethic, kindness and positivity and I know she’s proud of me.

I had the opportunity to talk about my recovery and share my story with the Salvation Army, Cottonwood Women’s Center and Welcome Home.  I have been clean and sober for three years and eleven months. I attended the Colorado Recovery Convention and traveled to Ft. Lauderdale and L.A. for the World Recovery Conference; it was the first I swam in the ocean!  Now I have more peace in my life from being in my garden, going to therapy, taking my medication and having a job.   I have to forgive myself and be okay with who I am.  I’ve learned life is up and down but we do the best we can.  My daughter and family offer me great support as I set new goals.  I’m looking forward to attending Community College of Denver and getting my Associates Degree.

By coming to the WellPower, my life has changed in every single way. I look at life differently now and I don’t ever want to sell myself short. I have the right people on my side and I’m forever humbled.  Before my mom passed, she was able to see me living sober, working and traveling across the country and the WellPower helped me get there. The WellPower is AMAZING!