Club Q Tragedy

Sunday morning, Colorado once again woke up to the news of a mass shooting in our own backyard. And once again the LGBTQ+ community has been left to mourn the loss of innocent lives for no other reason than the unchecked hatred that continues to poison our country. 

To the LGBTQ+ people we serve and LGBTQ+ staff: we see you, we care for you, and you should never, ever have to wake up in a world where members of your community have been targeted, injured and murdered. 

These events are preventable, and time and time again our society allows them to happen by refusing to address root causes. And no, we do not mean mental illness. This happens when we refuse to reject platforms and politicians that promote false rhetoric and hateful agendas; when we refuse to call out policies that target LGBTQ+ populations and continually make the world less safe for them; when we refuse to acknowledge and address that we have a gun problem in this country. 

This week is meant to be a week of thanksgiving for family, friends and community. But multiple individuals and their loved ones have now been robbed of this week’s celebrations, and those to come. It’s not right and it’s not fair. Please know this: WellPower is thankful for you, our LGBTQ+ people we serve and our LGBTQ+ staff. We appreciate every piece of who you are, as individuals and as a group.  

We stand with you.