Bridging the Gap: Understanding How to Bring Technology into the Leadership Team

Wanser, D., LaFleur, S., & Williams, W. (April 2015). Orlando, FL.

Your organization is invested in information technology. But is it invested in information technology leadership? If you are filling the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a patchwork quilt of staff borrowed from finance, practice and clinical management, it is time to reconsider your approach. In the rapidly changing health information technology environment, the role of the CIO is increasingly vital. They oversee the administrative and financial performance of your organization’s IT portfolio, including your Electronic Health Record System.  But they also lead in the development and management of the organization’s information system infrastructure and communications technology, efficiently supporting operations, and planning for future information technology needs.  This session will provide key tools for leaders to successfully address the information technology needs in their organization.

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Resource Topics: Quality & Process Improvement Keywords: Scarcity of Technology Leaders,Complexities of Healthcare Technology,Policy & Program Implementation