Dental Clinic for Children

Dental Clinic for Children

About Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND)

In partnership with Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND), Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being is home to a dental clinic for children, providing oral exams, cleanings, fillings and other dental procedures.

Call (720)619-5333 to make an appointment.

Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND) has been providing high quality, comprehensive dental treatment to Colorado’s children since 1912. KIND provides:


Comprehensive Oral Exams


Cleanings and Dental Sealants


Restorative Treatments & Fillings


Referrals to Specialists

KIND’s mission: To increase the health and happiness of Colorado’s children in need by eliminating dental disease through treatment & education.

KIND serves children in need up to the age of 18. Qualifying uninsured patients receive a 75% discount on their treatment, KIND also accept children with Medicaid and CHP+

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Call (720) 619-5333 to make an appointment

Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being
3401 N. Eudora Street, Denver, CO 80207