Welcome to WellPower

We are excited to share with you that effective 5/2/22, we have changed our name from Mental Health Center of Denver to WellPower.

Our organization was founded in 1989 as the community mental health center serving the people of the City and County of Denver. Over the past three decades, our organization has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our communities. We have added a range of new programs, including ones developed and piloted as the first in the nation, and expanded our workforce from a few dozen to nearly 1,000 staff.

In 2019, we began exploring a rebranding effort to find a name that better reflects the breadth and depth of our services and promotes the vital connection between a person’s mental health and overall well-being. While the name “Mental Health Center of Denver” has worked well for us in the past, it no longer tells people all that we have to offer. So, we updated our brand – our name, our logo, our colors – to better show our values, our culture and our mission.

Our new name – WellPower – illustrates our range of services and our belief that improving well-being strengthens and powers our community. We believe that everyone deserves to have what they need to live their best life. This looks different for every single person. We want everyone in Denver to think of our organization as a place where they belong – where they’re seen, where they’re valued and where they can come to get closer to the life they want to live. And, just as we want people to see themselves in us, we hope they see themselves in our brand. The "o" of WellPower represents many aspects of well-being, from a person triumphantly raising their arms to a rising Colorado sun.

While our name and look have changed, we are the same organization made up of the same board and staff who are deeply committed to serving our community.

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A common challenge preventing many people from accessing care with us is the idea that they need to be “sick enough” to go to a “mental health center.” Sometimes people who could benefit from coming to us talk themselves out of it because of our name. Our former name felt like a stop sign to many people, and we wanted to change that to a big sign that says “Welcome - You belong here.”

WellPower knows that people are more than their diagnoses. Everyone has a unique set of strengths, challenges and goals. In addressing the aspects of life that work in conjunction with a person’s diagnosis, we take a comprehensive approach to helping people get the support they need to thrive.

This includes supportive housing, education and employment opportunities, financial health, access to nutritious food, in addition to the nationally recognized mental health treatment for which we are known.

This is a critical time to invest in our identity. The world has changed dramatically over the past three decades and the pace of change was accelerated by the pandemic. Updating our brand will help secure more support for our work that will help us meet the rapidly increasing need for care that is stretching capacity for behavioral healthcare nationwide.

We are national leaders in behavioral health. Our approach to serving our communities – meeting people where they are, serving those who have been given up on by everyone else, continuously developing new and better ways of helping adults, families and children thrive – is based on the belief that we can, and must, change the landscape of behavioral health in the state of Colorado.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community in the years to come.

Welcome to WellPower, where we power the pursuit of well-being.

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