Brian’s Resilience

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This past summer, Brian was evicted from his long-term housing and experienced homelessness. The situation made Brian incredibly nervous; he knew he would face new challenges without the stability of a home.

Crisis led him to a Denver area hospital where a doctor and his WellPower case manager helped connect him to care at the Behavioral Health Solutions Center – WellPower’s newest, groundbreaking program offering a three-tiered approach designed to help individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

After five days of stabilization, Brian was relieved when he entered the transitional shelter at the Solutions Center. He describes the staff as the kindest people and a space where he was able to finally let his mind rest.

Getting Back into the Community

While at the Solutions Center, Brian’s WellPower case manager helped him find housing and get him back into the community – something that is very important to Brian. The housing he was able to secure was close to a bus stop which allowed him to easily access programs that were essential for his well-being. This included NextChapter – a WellPower employment and education training program that acts as a bridge to the greater community – where he was met by compassionate care takers who helped empower him to change his attitude about his daily living.

Brian’s focus while at NextChapter has been the supported education program which offers adults the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes and activities; support is also provided individually to help with goals and wellness pursuits in recovery. With support from NextChapter, he is also working on his GED, something he was encouraged to recommit to while in transitional care at the Solutions Center.

He also participates in an anger management class at WellPower’s Recovery Center, a state-of the art facility dedicated to mental and physical healing. Brian feels this class has equipped him with more tools to help him cope. He attends online due to the pandemic; it is something he is truly thankful for – he knows his anger previously led to poor decision making and was a culprit in being evicted from his long-term housing.

Recently, Brian had the opportunity to share and reflect on his growth with his community at NextChapter. His recovery has made him more confident to share his success and how far he has come since experiencing homelessness. He shared his story through a publication called “Healing Through Hope” and also shared his experience with services at NextChapter through “A Way to Grow” celebration that was hosted online. These are proud moments for Brian – to share his story through different avenues and to give hope to others that might be out there struggling.

Today, Brian feels well equipped with resources and eager to engage in activities that enhance his well-being and daily life. He is often encouraging others around him to access the services at NextChapter – he wants others to feel as supported as he has on his journey. Brian is effusive in his gratitude to the staff at WellPower and others along his journey of recovery who have helped him build resilience to handle what comes his way.