Happily Ever After? Her Story’s Not Over

In January of 2021, Dee found herself in a situation she’d never encountered before – recently divorced from her partner of 23 years, needing to keep her family financially afloat and struggling with how to emotionally cope. She knew that she and her children needed support, but she didn’t know where to turn, until her friend recommended WellPower.

A Light in the Darkness

At the darkest point in Dee’s life, her youngest child was experiencing mental health challenges and Dee didn’t know how to both hear and listen to him. She felt conflicted with how to approach him, and she needed support. After calling WellPower to request services for her son, they were both able to begin individual and family counseling with WellPower’s Child & Family team almost immediately.

Within a month of starting therapy, Dee found that the narrative she told herself about her own life began to shift. She decided to leave a job she’d been at for six years to pursue time with her family and put her mental health first. She opened up to her counselor and began recognizing her self-worth.

“I began to realize that I’d had depression for a while,” said Dee. “Counseling helped me see that I’d been dealing with these challenges, but I didn’t have the words to explain what was happening to me. WellPower gave me the language I needed to keep diving further into my own experiences and come out stronger on the other side. I felt so heard and listened to. My counselor really got it. She understood. I wasn’t just another case number, but someone worth listening to.”

Dee organizes clothing in the Shopette for people served by the Adult Resource Center

Shining Bright

As a woman of deep faith, Dee knew that she wanted to find a new place to work that aligned with her values. She struggled in her job search, though, and as her funds began to dwindle, she felt panic rising. During a family session one day, her son’s counselor noticed Dee’s worry, and mentioned that she would be an excellent fit at WellPower’s Adult Resource Center, a space where people served can access food, clothing, hygiene products, classes and more at no cost.

“Thinking about working at the Adult Resource Center gave me the push I needed to put my resume together,” said Dee. “After I applied for every single position available, I was given an interview and they hired me as a greeter. It was the most amazing experience! I love how this place is run, the respect between employees and how we work with the people we serve.”

Dee is still working at the Adult Resource Center and has moved up to a permanent position as a shift lead in the Shopette, the Adult Resource Center’s free store for people we serve to find clothing, hygiene products and miscellaneous household items. She’s ushered in new ways to create size inclusivity and has dedicated her life and time to curating dignified experiences for the people served at WellPower.

Dee celebrated her one-year anniversary working for WellPower on Aug 1

The Journey isn’t Over

As any reader knows, the greatest stories don’t end with “happily ever after,” but leave one to wonder how their beloved characters’ lives continue. Dee’s tale is also still unfolding as she moves through her journey of self-discovery. She’s excited to start working with another therapist at WellPower, especially because she can begin using in-person services again, rather than doing all of her appointments via telehealth.

“I want anyone reading my story to know that WellPower is truly where it’s at,” said Dee. “We meet you where you are. We give you the tools and support you need to live the life you want. I don’t know how I would have made it through the last year and a half without WellPower. This place will truly change your life.”