5 Tips on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

 5 Tips on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Keep It Simple & Specific – The simpler the resolution, the more likely you will keep it. Broader goals can be difficult to keep over time, especially if you don’t have concrete steps to work on throughout the year. Specific goals will help you to measure your progress and stay on track.

Make It About You – Try to tailor your resolution to you and your lifestyle. If your resolution is causing you too much emotional distress, you are unlikely to fully accomplish it.

Be Realistic – Being realistic allows you to avoid setting yourself up to fail.

Small Steps – Smaller goals are more easily attained. Start small then gradually work yourself up to your desired outcome. Most great things that have been achieved by humans have been done one small step at a time.

Cultivate Support – Use the support around you such as friends, family and coworkers to help you along your way.

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