WellPower’s solutions for integrated care featured on Colorado Public Radio

In a story aired on Colorado Public Radio today, health reporter Eric Whitney (@cprwhitney) highlights the work of the WellPower towards integrated care solutions. The story, titled “Healthcare ‘frequent fliers’,” discusses healhcare “hotspotting,” where organizations like the WellPower work to identify people who use far more healthcare than the average person and then intervene to keep them healthier.

In reference to the WellPower’s innovative approah to integrated healthcare, Whitney explains,

“{The WellPower} began bringing primary care providers on site giving nurse practicioners offices irghti in a couple of their mental health clicnics because they’ve found that really increases how often people with mental ilnesses actually follow through with referrals for physical health care.”

You can listen to the complete story on the Colorado Public Radio Website here.

Read more about the WellPower’s approach to integrated healthcare here.

More information about Urban Peak, a community partner of the WellPower also referenced in the story, is available here.

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