Stepping Out of the Waiting Line and Into a New Pharmacy Experience

If you’ve gone to a drugstore or grocery store to fill a prescription, receive a vaccination or get advice about a medication in recent years, you may have noticed that a few things are in shorter supply. A workforce shortage coupled with drug supply chain issues and changing policies and regulations have meant longer lines, burned out workers and frustrated customers for many of the big-name pharmacies in the U.S. Seeing these trends, WellPower’s pharmacy program has stepped up in a big way to help address rising need. Between our Wellshire Pharmacy, located in southeast Denver, and the WellPower Pharmacy on 12th in northeast Denver, WellPower’s pharmacy team is providing much-needed care to people we serve and the broader community.

 “Pharmacies are typically thought of as a quick stop to pick up or refill a prescription, and we do serve that function for our community,” said WellPower Pharmacy Director Marilyn Siayap. “However, it’s important for people to know that pharmacies like WellPower also work to meet the growing need for more comprehensive health care services. In addition to filling prescriptions, we can provide consultation and education, help find financial support and more.”

Chronic Disease Support and Consultation

Diagnoses of chronic diseases like diabetes can be daunting – there are often multiple medications to manage, lifestyle changes and new symptoms or side effects to understand. At WellPower, our pharmacists are equipped to fill prescriptions, and can provide education and support for those managing a chronic illness. For those facing potentially high costs of medications, WellPower pharmacists can assist with finding the most affordable options and advising on potential financial assistance programs. And the best part is, these services don’t require an appointment. Walk in consultations from a knowledgeable and understanding healthcare professional are readily available.

Support for Substance Use Disorders

WellPower is committed to providing complete wrap-around services for those living with a substance use disorder (SUD), and that means going above and beyond to ensure that they have access to medications and support to aid in their recovery. Pharmacists from WellPower attend our regular Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) clinics to help ensure they can answer questions from people we serve and their care teams, provide necessary medications and coordinate injections and other harm reduction approaches. Additionally, WellPower’s pharmacies can supply fentanyl test strips and the overdose-reversal medication Naloxone to anyone who wants to carry it. These tools are provided free to staff and people in services at WellPower.

Hormonal Contraceptives

Amid rising concerns about access to women’s healthcare, WellPower’s pharmacies are working to help ensure equitable and safe access to birth control for those in our communities. Getting contraceptives through a primary care provider or specialist can sometimes be a barrier. At WellPower, our pharmacists can work to assess individuals for appropriate hormonal contraceptives, prescribe and dispense them and connect with primary care providers (though this is not required), all within the same day.

Additional Services

Our pharmacies also provide a host of additional services that you may not find at a “big-box” store, such as: manual blood pressure monitoring, tobacco cessation services, safe medication disposal, travel vaccinations, medication deliveries and, starting in 2024, access to HIV assessment and prescriptions.

Did you ever think that filling your monthly script could also serve as contribution to vital behavioral health services for those in need? At WellPower, all pharmacy proceeds go back into providing medications for the people we serve at low or no cost. It’s a unique way to provide services that most people use while also contributing to those most in need. “One of the reasons I work at WellPower is that it’s really important for me to use my skillset to serve those in need,” shared Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Daralyn Morgensen. “That’s why I love our funding model at the pharmacy. We get to provide services to the community and in turn their dollars go back into funding vital medications, education and support for people who may not otherwise have access to this type of care.”

Who Can Use the WellPower Pharmacy?

Reading all of this, you may be wondering, who exactly can use the WellPower pharmacies? The answer is simple: anyone! A common misconception is that you must be in services at WellPower to utilize our pharmacy, but that’s not the case. Both Wellshire and the WellPower Pharmacy on 12th are retail pharmacies open to staff, the public and the people we serve. Community member Linda S. recently wrote in to share that, while struggling to find an appointment to receive the COVID vaccine, she came across the Wellshire Pharmacy online and was able to get vaccinated – without an appointment – that same day. Linda stated, “In addition to quick and easy access to a vaccine that I needed, I so appreciated how kind and helpful the pharmacy staff was that day.”

WellPower is dedicated to a whole-health approach to behavioral health treatment – attending to all parts of a person’s health from mental to social, physical and medical needs. The time, care and attention to detail of WellPower’s pharmacy staff makes us a true stand-out option for people in the community who are navigating the complexities of the healthcare and pharmaceutical system. WellPower’s pharmacies are staffed by an amazing, caring team of professionals who are fully dedicated to our mission. Visit our pharmacy webpage to learn more about our services and fill your next prescription online.