Telehealth Kiosks Bridge Digital Divide

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth kiosks have played an important role in keeping people safe and healthy while helping to bridge the digital divide. People we serve can visit kiosks at our locations and talk to their care team virtually, without relying on personal devices or data plans.

Telehealth kiosks can range in complexity and can be installed anywhere – from schools to pharmacies to office buildings. They create a new level of access to care for people looking to receive services. At the WellPower, we have multiple telehealth kiosks across our locations, each with a computer, monitor, webcam, phone, and speakers in a private room.

With the event of the pandemic, we implemented telehealth kiosks at several of our sites for people we serve to access our services virtually. These initial sites included the Recovery Center, Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being, West Denver Child & Family, and the 24/7 Walk-in Center. We are excited to announce we now have new telehealth kiosks in the community at Academy360, Farrell B Howell School and Omar D. Blair Charter School. We have signed kiosk agreements with two additional community locations – KIPP North East Elementary and University Preparatory School – bringing the total number of community sites to five.

What does this expansion mean for our community?

Our goal at the WellPower is to provide access to behavioral health care and well-being services to everyone in Denver. We know that traveling to appointments can be tough, especially when relying on public transportation, or needing to find childcare for long periods of time. The telehealth kiosks help us expand access to care by meeting people they are, within their communities.

Access Services With Us

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