WellPower is 33!

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July 1 marked the anniversary of our organization’s founding. Following a year of significant changes, from the transition to a hybrid working environment to a new brand, this year deserves special acknowledgement.

WellPower (formerly Mental Health Center of Denver, formerly formerly Mental Health Corporation of Denver) was founded in 1989 when four separate centers came together to become the community mental health provider for Denver. In the decades since our founding, we have evolved in many ways: moving from caring exclusively for individuals in the most difficult circumstances to accepting people with insurance and spanning the full spectrum of behavioral health, co-occurring disorders and well-being needs. Our mission statement has also changed, from focusing on recovery to the enrichment of lives and minds by focusing on strengths and well-being. Throughout all this change one thing has remained the same: our commitment to our community and the people we serve.

Some WellPower employees like Dr. Carl Clark, president & CEO, have been here from the beginning, and have seen the growth and change take place from year to year. Though much progress has been made, the ever-changing landscape of behavioral health policy, funding challenges and societal stigma are uphill battles that we continue to fight. As we work to address these complex challenges, it is with confidence that we are well-equipped with the talent, dedication and combined expertise of nearly 1,000 staff, with a clearer vision and a deeper commitment than ever before in our 33-year history.

We at WellPower know that people can recover from mental illness and do so each and every day. We believe that treatment works, especially when it is rooted in community-oriented, trauma-informed and strengths-based methods. We believe that every employee, every community partner and every person we serve is an ambassador for mental health equity. We believe in expanding access so that anyone who needs it has effective and compassionate treatment. We believe in powering the pursuit of well-being.