Recovery Measures

Reaching Recovery®

About Reaching Recovery

Reaching Recovery is the only statistically valid measurement-based solution to promote recovery.

“The Reaching Recovery tools not only measure the treatment community’s ability to provide the interventions and supports that clients need to regain their lives, but the tools also remind the provider of the true purpose of why we work in this field and why we’re here.”

Beth Epps
Chief Clinical Officer
Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Tools to Measure Recovery Outcomes

The solution offers the only recovery-oriented outcome assessments that use Rasch Statistical Modeling to ensure even small improvements in recovery are accurately captured. Rash modeling is a statistical technique that aims to ensure that each item provides meaningful information in an assessment. The assessments have had the reliability studies published in peer-reviewed journals and may be used for all adults receiving mental health services throughout all levels of service intensity and treatment modalities. 

Recovery Measures

The four recovery measures assess recovery from multiple perspectives and dimensions. When you join Reaching Recovery® you can use one or all four of the instruments to link outcomes to service effectiveness and recovery transformation. This process provides a comprehensive picture and a standardized method for examining effectiveness of services and outcomes.

Recovery Needs Level®

The Recovery Needs Level assigns the right level of service intensity for an individual at the right time.

Recovery Marker Inventory®

The Recovery Markers Inventory is a clinician’s rating of a person on eight objective factors associated with recovery.

Promoting Recovery in Organizations (PRO)

The PRO Survey is completed by the individual in service to address staff’s characteristics which promote recovery.

Consumer Recovery Measure

The Consumer Recovery Measure is a subjective measure of changes in recovery completed by the person receiving services.

How It Works

Clinical Decision Support

The data collection and reports are placed directly with the EHR allowing clinical decisions to be informed by real-time recovery data. The recovery-focused reports demonstrate growth and changes with each individual over time to inform clinical practice.


Ongoing assessment are completed by each adult receiving services to ensure that their perception of recovery and growth are discussed and addressed throughout treatment.

Output Sharing

The results are shared and discussed among staff and each individual for treatment planning, supervision, and utilization management.  Partners are also participating in national benchmarking and analytics to best understand mental health recovery.

Right Service at Right Time

We’ve shifted the emphasis from a passive client model that focuses solely on symptom management to a true, individual approach that helps deliver the right service at the right time for each individual.

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Contact us to arrange a 90 minute web-based meeting that will dive into how the data is used within a value-based model to support engagement and progression towards mental health recovery. Throughout the meeting, you and your colleagues will learn how the tools and outcomes data are built into staffs’ workflow to:

  • Provide clinically meaningful information for treatment planning
  • Inform programmatic decisions and quality assurance
  • Support your organization's mission.

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