Beep Beep! Mental Health Education is On Its Way to You

Addressing the Need for Behavioral Health Education and Outreach

Recent research indicates that considerable barriers exist that prevent individuals from receiving the behavioral health care they need. According to the Colorado Health Institute, nearly half of Coloradans cited stigma as a reason for not seeking necessary behavioral health treatment, and a study done by the American Psychological Association found that 1 in 4 people felt they had an unmet need for mental health services and were unsure where to access care.

Equipped with this knowledge, WellPower staff were awarded a grant from SCL Health to create an education and outreach program that would help combat stigmas, pave paths to resources, access information and build community support around behavioral health.  

Bringing Accessible Education to Denver’s Doorstep

Enter the Road to Well-Being Program, which aims to connect with individuals by bringing engaging and educational offerings right to the community. By presenting practical tips in an approachable and fun way, the goal of the Road to Well-Being Program is demystifying behavioral health topics and empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

The program aims to reach a multitude of local audiences and offers a variety of activities, such as:

  • WellPower staff presentations on health and well-being
  • Game-show-style games and self-care activities
  • Exploration of sober-living curiosity and trying canned sober beverages

And the best part? The program is completely mobile through the Road to Well-Being van. Mental health education can often fall out of reach, so the van was specifically designed to bring its programming straight into the communities who need it most.

Eye-Catching Aesthetic Designed for Community, by Community

The program’s community-centered goals led WellPower to enlist local artist Karma Leigh to create the van’s unique design. With a broad set of self-taught skills and a portfolio spanning multiple mediums, she is a painter, muralist, curator and creator. A Colorado native raised with the Rocky Mountain panoramas and Mile High City skyline, Leigh has found inspiration from the Denver scenes around her.

Karma not only has a passion for art, but also a joy for teaching. She spent five years as an art teacher with Voz y Corazón, WellPower’s education and suicide prevention program, which was designed to empower Denver youth with community-based support and mentorship through artistic expression.

Catch the Van on the Road

In today’s ever-changing world, understanding the many dimensions of behavioral health is more important than ever. However, accessing credible information and support can sometimes feel like a challenge. Booking the Road to Well-Being program for your organization’s next event offers an innovative way to connect with community around behavioral health.

Want to bring fun and engaging behavioral health education to your organization? Book the Road to Well-Being van today. Learn more about which Road to Well-Being activities are right for your event and the van’s booking process by contacting or visiting