Certified Medical Home Practice

WellPower has been recognized by the State of Colorado as a certified Medical Home Practice for children. This certification reinforces our commitment to provide care around our consumer’s needs, improve access to care, increase care coordination and enhance overall quality.

A medical home is a philosophy of care that focuses on patient- and family-centered healthcare. By keeping communication lines open among consumers, providers and clinics and working as a team, care is improved, leading to better health and reducing cost.

The certification process ensures that we are able to deliver on the medical home standards of care. Our progress was measured through staff and family surveys that rated us on each piece.
* Accessibility — Providers are available and needed services are accessible within the community.
* Patient/Family-Centered — The patient/family is recognized as the principal caregiver and the family voice is valued.
* Continuous — The same mental health professionals are available from infancy through adolescence, and transition to the adult system is successful.

* Comprehensive — The child’s and family’s medical, educational, developmental, psychological and other service needs are identified and addressed.
* Coordinated — A plan of care is developed by the provider, child, and family and is then shared with other health providers, agencies, and organizations. A team approach is paramount.
* Compassionate — Efforts are made to understand and empathize with the feelings and perspectives of both the child and family.
* Culturally Responsive — The child’s and family’s cultural background (including beliefs, rituals and customs) are recognized, respected and incorporated into care planning.

“We have worked diligently to receive this designation and are excited to work with families as their designated medical home, addressing all their healthcare needs using the best available interventions, information, and technology,” said Dr. Lydia Prado, Director of Child & Family Services. “As a Medical Home, the WellPower will continue to partner with families, being sensitive to their values and sharing information about resources in their communities.”