2017 Report to the Community




A smiling woman and two young boys work together in a sunny garden




THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER OF DENVER continues to be driven by our mission statement of enriching lives and minds by focusing on strengths and well-being. Our efforts to increase access to everyone in Denver who needs it is transforming how mental health care is delivered in our community. Our 2017 Report to the Community is an opportunity to share our accomplishments and celebrate the support of our donors, employees, partners, community and those we serve.  

Solutions to Homelessness

WE CELEBRATED THE GRAND OPENING of our newest permanent supportive housing, Sanderson Apartments. Community leaders came out to support these apartment homes that combine pioneering design principles and financing to provide housing and supportive services to those experiencing homelessness. Read more.



Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock speaks at the Sanderson Apartments Grand Opening.

The community room at Sanderson Apartments. The image features a white quartz counter, bar stools, and a large refrigerator.
Image of the inside of a one bedroom apartment at Sanderson Apartments. There is a bright orange wall, a white counter with one chair, a tan couch, and a small kitchen in the image.
Image of a patio table, two patio chairs, and a red umbrella on the secure patio of Sanderson Apartments.
Image of a bed inside a bedroom in Sanderson Apartments. The bedspread is patterned in squares of red, brown, and gold.

DAHLIA CAMPUS FOR HEALTH & WELL-BEING was recognized by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) with the organization's International Core Values Award presented in Melbourne, Australia. Dahlia Campus won Project of the Year for demonstrating excellence in public engagement before and during the launch of the campus in early 2016. Check out a feature story from PBS NewsHour to learn more about Dahlia Campus.

Image of the number 2,231

MORE THAN 2,000 pounds of greens were grown and sold through food boxes and Dahlia Campus farmers markets.

Icon image of a blue fish

1,200 CATFISH and TILAPIA are living in our aquaponics greenhouse system.

Image of the number 903

MORE THAN 900 FOOD BOXES were packed with fresh produce grown at Dahlia Campus. Of those, 118 boxes were donated to help feed children and families.

Image of Michelle, the program manager of Emerson Street, standing on the inside stairs of the Emerson Street building. She is wearing a sleeveless white shirt and black pants.
Image of the number 750

WE EMPLOY 750 INDIVIDUALS, in addition to 50 vocational employees (people we serve who are returning to work through supported employment).

Icon image of a prescription note and two pills

when it comes to medications through pharmacogenetics – performing a simple genetic test that can tell our prescribing psychiatrists if a medication is likely to be tolerated or not.

Image of the number 846

Nearly 850 INDIVIDUALS were engaged by our Co-Responder Program. The program pairs Denver police officers with one of our clinicians. The goal is to connect people in crisis to services rather than jail. Of those individuals, 37% were connected to detox, crisis services, a hospital or other services; 34% were enrolled in our services; and 3% were arrested.

NEARLY 500 YOUNG ADULTS received prevention, clinical and psychiatric rehab services at Emerson St. for Teens & Young Adults.

Emerson St. started a program to serve young people who are experiencing early psychosis. The program is based on a proven model for intervention. A coordinated specialty care team provides support for young people and their families.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER OF DENVER is a leader in providing access to services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. This year, our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services celebrated its 30th year of delivering care through
American Sign Language (ASL). Learn More.

James Artus and Martina Milan, Deaf Peer Mentors.

Image of the number 30 surrounded by laurel leaves. The word "anniversary" is directly underneath the number 30.
Image of a caucasian woman (left) and a black woman (right) using American Sign Language to communicate. The caucasian woman is wearing a light blue sleeveless shirt and the black woman is wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt.
A Latino man uses American Sign Language to communicate. He is wearing a black shirt with suspenders.
Image of Cliff Moers and Doctor Carl Clark shaking hands at the Gifts of Hope fundraising breakfast.
Image of brunette caucasian woman in a black shirt using American Sign Language to communicate.

Darrin Kessler and Alison Dozier, our two newest bilingual Mental Health First Aid instructors.

WE TRAINED NEARLY 300 COMMUNITY MEMBERS in Mental Health First Aid. We offer Mental Health First Aid classes for adults, adults assisting youth and special classes delivered in Spanish and American Sign Language.

This training teaches skills to respond to the signs of mental health and substance use disorders. With 13 instructors, we offer classes twice a month as well as at businesses, faith communities and civic organizations.

Colorado Crisis Services

THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER OF DENVER partners with Colorado Crisis Services to provide confidential and immediate support to someone experiencing a mental health, emotional or substance use issue. We provide 24-hour walk-in services, respite care and mobile crisis services to individuals as part of the statewide crisis network of care. Read more.


4,440 INDIVIDUALS received immediate crisis support at Denver's Crisis Walk-In Center.

If you are in crisis or need help dealing with one, call 1-844-493-TALK (8255) to speak to a trained professional (toll free) or text TALK to 38255. Click here for a list of walk-in centers.

Image of black man in a black beanie hat standing on the sidewalk on a sunny day.
Image of two caucasian men sitting together and talking.
Image of a black woman standing (left) and a black man sitting (right) and talking together.
Image of a caucasian man with brown hair and a beard sitting under a tree.
Image of the number 3,441

THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER OF DENVER goes beyond treatment services to help those we serve enhance their
well-being. Anthony's story showcases how housing and NextChapter culinary arts training helped him get back on track.

Nearly 3,000 individuals were enrolled in NextChapter in Education. Nearly another 500 individuals were assisted through NextChapter in Employment.

InSHAPE© IS A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM for the people we serve to work with a certified personal trainer once a week in a community fitness facility. We partner with Denver Parks and Recreation and utilize several parks within the city of Denver.

We currently have 25 participants who complete quarterly assessments. One individual has lost 30 lbs, another has quit smoking, and other participants have come off some of their medications, feel more energetic and sleep better.

Image of a pair of sneakers, a water bottle, and an orange rolled up yoga mat. There is a sunset in the background.

A Year in Review

Mayor's Design Awards

Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being was selected as the winner of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's design award in the Building Well and Living Well category.

All Staff Meeting

Every year, the WellPower holds a meeting for all staff members to celebrate accomplishments throughout the past year and discuss future plans. We also celebrate career milestones, highlighting employees who have been with the organization for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

21st Century Cures Act Press Conference

The WellPower hosted a press conference at the Recovery Center. Congresswoman Diana DeGette, sponsor of the 21st Century Cures Act, spoke in support of the act that boosts funding for medical research, eases the development and approval of experimental treatments and reforms federal policy on mental health care.

Well-Being Expo

The WellPower held a Well-Being Expo at Infinity Park in the spring. About 250 community members attended the event. Breakout  sessions included a faith and spirituality panel, mind-body exercises, healthy eating, money management, stress relief, music, art and poetry.

Farm Festival

In the spring, Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being hosted a farm festival to kick off the growing season. Nearly 500 Northeast Park Hill residents enjoyed food, music and gardening activities at the campus.

Voz y Corazón Youth Art Show & Benefit

Voz y Corazón program hosted its annual art show and benefit attended by nearly 100 community members. The suicide prevention program uses art to provide culturally sensitive mentoring and suicide prevention services to youth.

Staff Celebration

The WellPower hosts an annual staff celebration to thank employees for their dedication. This year, a picnic with summer games and activities was held at Park Hill Golf Club.

Fish Fry at Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being

Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being held two fish fries to mark the opening and closing of the farmer's market season. The annual fish fry is a community celebration for the Northeast Park Hill neighborhood.

National Council Hill Day

In October, a group of Board members and staff from the WellPower joined hundreds of others from behavioral health organizations across the country in Washington, DC, to advocate on behalf of the people we serve.

Emerson St. Community Jam

Emerson St. for Teens & Young Adults held its second annual Community Jam. This event welcomes community members in to learn about the work we do with young people in the community.

Advocating for the Affordable Care Act

People we serve and staff members visited Congresswoman Diana DeGette's office to advocate for the Affordable Care Act.

Gifts of Hope Fundraising Breakfast

We held our annual Gifts of Hope Fundraising Breakfast at Infinity Park, drawing nearly 600 attendees in the room and additional guests online through a web stream of the event. The theme Today, Tomorrow...Together highlighted our organization's innovative programs that enhance the well-being of our community. We raised more than $150,000 in one hour. This is the highest amount of funds brought in by this annual event since it launched 12 years ago.

Colorado Gives Day

For Colorado Gives Day, we celebrated the Art of Giving by showcasing artists who utilize our services at NextChapter in Education & Employment. We raised nearly $20,000 from 97 donors in one day.