Integrated Care

Integrated Care

About Integrated Care

Our integrated care team works to improve holistic patient care by integrating behavioral health professionals into primary care clinics across Denver. This work seeks to improve access to prevention and intervention strategies right in the primary care setting. 

Benefits of Integrated Care in a clinic setting:

  • Less stigma of receiving mental health services
  • Ease of access for prevention and intervention
  • Improves holistic patient care

The Integrated Care team consists of:

  • Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC)
  • Medical Provider
  • Health Navigator
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Behavioral Health Consultant

The Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) is embedded in the pediatric/family clinic and works collaboratively with the medical team to make sure the patient’s medical and well-being needs are met. Patient interactions with the BHC are designed to help the primary care provider and patient better target acute and/or chronic problems. 


Medical Provider

The Consulting Psychiatrist/Medical Provider supports the Primary Care Provider and Behavioral Health Consultant by providing consultation, evaluation and recommendations for psychotropic medications which will be managed by the Primary Care Provider.


Health Navigator

The Health Navigator coordinates with the Behavioral Health Consultant to streamline access in WellPower services. They also outreach to patients and work to engage them with other community based services. 

Primary Care Partners

The Integrated Care team partners with primary care clinics across Denver to provide improve holistic patient care.


Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to learn more about Integrated Care at WellPower.

Phone: (303) 300-6286